625-litre stainless steel fermentation tank

Product details

  • Clear beer tap, 1" male connector
  • Main tap 1" male connector
  • Double jacket 2 x 1" male connector
  • With cooling jacket 
  • Lid with hole for fermentation lock
  • NW10 nozzle with blind cap for thermal detector shead


  • For fermenting larger quantities of beer we recommend the Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank.
  • The special 3D inner surface facilitates cleaning.
  • The double cooling jacket is pre-equipped with a connector for a wort chiller to produce bottom-fermenting beers.
  • The stainless steel fermentation tank is supported stably and safely on three feet.


  • Diameter: 82 cm
  • Height:  166.1 cm 

product price

from 1.386,35 Euro

incl. 19 % VAT / excl. shipping costs

size 625-litre

weight from 80,00 kg

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