Brewing ingredients Wheat Beer 38° for 20-litre Braumeister


A nice taste of banana and a low hoppyness turn this beer in a perfect summer beer. Golden colour with approx. 7 EBC and a low bitterness of approx. 11 IBU.


Barley malt*, wheat malt*, Carahell* not grinded, hops and yeast


Net weight: 4.536 kg
Content in detail:

Malt (not grinded):
2,0 kg Pilsner Malt/ Vienna Malt (50%-50%)
2,0 kg Wheat Malt
0,5 kg Carahell

15g Hop Tettnanger (4.2% Alpha)
5g Hop Perle (10% Alpha)
5g Hop Cascade (5% Alpha) - optional Hop Simcoe (12%)

11,5 g Yeast Saftbrew WB 06

Note to the quantities:
For one batch on the 20l Braumeister you need one kit. With the 10l Braumeiser you can brew two batches. To brew with the 50l Braumeister you need at least two of the same kit.
The alpha numbers can vary from year to year depending on the harvest. The quantities of the hops can be adapted to these changes.



Braumarkt bv, Markerkant 1111, 1316 Almere,

*contains gluten

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