Brewing base Braumeister 50l

There is the place to be for a Braumeister 50l

With the brewing base for the Braumeister 50l you can easily move the Braumeister to the wished brewing place and fix it with the castor brakes. Mashing, brewing and lautering and and the end also the cleaning up can be done
in place without turning the Braumeister (on the Braumeister 50l PLUS!). The highter distance base to Braumeister allows to easily open the pump for cleaning and to dry it after brewing.
Dripping water will be collected and runs into the sink. A comfortable and clean solution at all.

Product details

  • Stable coaster base for brewing with the Braumeister 50l
  • Flexible coasters with brake function
  • Perfect hight for mashing, lautering and cleaning
  • Higher distance under the Braumeister for an better access to the pump
  • For tranfering the wort to the fermenter we recommend the accessoire Wort Pump Device
  • Drip pan function for overcooking wort or cleaning water
  • Inmoulded sink for a concetrated runout over a floor sink or bucket
  • With 3/4" female thread for mounting a valve if wished (not included)
  • Brewing and cleaning without the need to turn the Braumeister (with the Braumeister 50l PLUS with the extra valve in the botton and hose!)
  • Base is made and moulded out of black high quality polyehtylen (recyclable) which is also very easy to clean


  • Height: 38,4 cm
  • Diameter: 64,2 cm

product price

175,00 Euro

incl. 19 % VAT / excl. shipping costs

weight 7,50 kg

Stock ausreichende Stückzahl
delivery time 3-5 Tage, ausreichende Stückzahl

Product.Nr. 77490


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